Earth Spirit, Evolve Me to Be.
Shaman’s live knowing contributing to nature in many ways is their nature

- Nithya Chellam
Wake Up The Shaman Inside You
Powerful and Ancient Shamanic Practitioner Course from UnearthOneEarth by Nithya Chellam (Shamanic Master Facilitator)
 For those who dare to choose nature! 
Our sacred, Intense and deep Shamanism Practitioner Program will empower you to elevate your capacity and awaken the Shaman in you. Be one with nature. Discover limitless gifts the Universe has to offer you. Explore the Powerful spirit world, Heal, Manifest, Be More and Ask for More.
Join This Program To Become A Shamanic Practitioner
*7 months of deep intensive Program 
(2 classes each month) 
Is This You?
Ever feel like you have gifts that others don't have?

Maybe you feel like you were a shaman in many previous lifetimes?

The universe may have communicated with you, reached out to you through nature. If you're someone who can find meaning in nature's whispering, you're the chosen one to make this world a better place.
What if you do? What if you had shut it down all your life, believing that no such thing exists? Forcing you to fit into this reality and point of view of other people, Conditioning and culture?

Would you like to experience the beauty of nature like the Trees, River, Water, Moon, Sun, Earth, Animals and birds, insects and more?

Do you feel that you have a strong connection with animals, trees, the sea, and other elements of nature?
 Do You Have Shamanic Gifts? 
 Reading others and being very perceptive of their energies.
 Perceive a calling for help, heal or ease the suffering of others
 Feel as if "there's more to life and the world around”
 Knowing that you have subtle healing abilities.
 Vivid or prophetic dreams often
 See things that others can't see
 Seen death from close or had out of body experiences
 Enjoy solitude and find it hard to fit in with others
Other traits in you that may determine if you have shamanic abilities-
Mystical Deep Interactive Program by UnearthOneEarth
Undertake this mysterious Ancient Shamanic Program to receive something beyond your imagination
Nature is full of amazing gifts that are boundless. This course will awaken your true self. It'll guide you to build a deep connection with mother nature, animals, spirit kinds.

You can explore the Spirit World that has so much to give. There are so many different things that can help you, and all you need to do is receive them.
Take this Intense Shamanic Practitioner Program If You Want To-
Bring positivity to earth and fall in love with nature
Evolve to be much more of yourself
Be a healer and help others
Accentuate your psychic capacities
Develop a connect with an Alternative reality to navigate through the world
Heal yourself and Be empowered to Heal others.
7 Months Of Intensive Program at your pace with required Hand Holding, instead of a program forced on to you in a couple of days.
Because we need to give time to help your energies settle. The Seed breaks and becomes a plant, this evolution takes time. 
We would like you to evolve into more of you. 
What Does This Program Have For You?
Establish Strong Connect your primary Animal Spirit Guide
Learn to Journey and seek answers beyond this reality
Explore the spirit world & its ways
Undergo deep cleansing and transformation
Be yourself, whole and complete.
Discover ways to contribute to mother earth
Learn ways to become one with the nature
Receive more from the universe
Learn And Practice
Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit healings
Talking with Trees and Animals
Ethereal Cord releases
Soul retrievals and integration healing
Current life and past life healings
Mirror work – self-revelations
Psychopomp – lost souls empowerment
Psychic readings from animal guidance
Spirit and entity removals
Movement through the river of time
Exhaustive practice with Homeplays
Unique journeys with different guides (exclusive, only available here)
Theory of Shamanic initiation and Shamanic death
Winter Solstice Manifestation (outdoors in the forest)
In-Person Yearly Event invite.
Meet Your Facilitator, 
Nithya Chellam
Shamanic Facilitator, A Holistic Coach & Author
Nithya is also a mother and IT professional. UnearthOneEarth Center is her brainchild, where she has guided and empowered hundreds of students to evolve through spirit guidance.

She practices and Facilitates in Consciousness modalities like Reiki, Souls Temple, Access Consciousness, Communion Symbols, Shamanic healing, and many more.

She loves to be one with nature and animals and often communicates with them with total ease. Nithya has discovered many treats of this earth and its communion symbols. She has also noticed many meaningful messages from nature’s end.

You’ll find out more about her discovery in her blogs, YouTube channel, and books.
About The Course
Prerequisite: You need to complete a short online course to find your Spirit Animal Guide to be Eligible for attending the Shamanic Practitioner program. 

 The prerequisite can also be done in person. 
Shamanic Practitioner Program Mode: Online / In Person
Class Schedule: Twice a Month

Class Duration: 7 Months
  • 3 hours for each class

  • A total of 42 hours of Powerful Program with enough time for the energies to settle.

  • Steady 7 months of Personal Support through your journey into this New World and a New You.

Awaken And Be Nature’s Gift
Just like our ancestors, we're evolving with the power of spirit. Enter a new endless world of Shamanism. Join this Program to develop your powers, learn to heal, and practice your abilities like a shaman.
Hear From The Awakened About Their Experience